Tell Coffman: halt your extremist agenda now!


Rep. Mike Coffman has represented some of the most hardcore conservative areas to the south and east of Denver ever since his predecessor Tom Tancredo retired. Like Tancredo, Coffman has pursued an extremist agenda to demonize immigrants--including attacking the rights of legal citizens to vote by trying to change federal law to restrict bilingual ballots.

In addition, Mike Coffman has been a major proponent of huge cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Coffman voted for the 2012 Republican budget plan that would have privatized Medicare, and replaced it with a voucher system in ten years. Instead of working to create jobs, Coffman joined in irresponsible attacks on abortion rights, while championing the repeal of recently-passed health care reform legislation.

Now Coffman’s district is changing due to population growth. Is this who you want representing you in Congress? Tell Coffman to stop his extremist agenda, and apologize to his constituents--old and new--for voting against their interests over and over again.

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